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Friday the 13th October 2006- Article By: Roger Moore


Friday the 13th October 2006- Article By: Roger Moore

We all know and understand the meaning of Friday the 13th, at least we all should know it’s meaning, but this year it is something very special it is the opening night of Fright Factory and the scariest haunted houses anyone has seen in years.  But this year Friday the 13th falls in the best of months especially for horror films and those of us who live and die by these films. 

            But this Friday the 13th is something special, as always you should be joining us at the Fright Factory but for those of you who can’t, will be given a special treat on Turner Classic Movies, it is TCM Underground and it is hosted by none other than Rob Zombie himself, bringing us horror movies of the past for our enjoyment once more.  Starting late night on Friday the 13th it will brig us back to the films we all know and love starting with Ed Wood Jr. “Plan 9 from Outer space” staring Bela Lugosi and from there it moves on to “Bride of the Monster” also staring Bela Lugosi and directed by Ed Wood Jr. for more information about this wonderful movie experience go to, it will be a night to remember.

            Also for those of you who have STARZ! There is another Friday the 13th special premiering for all those wonderful fans of horror cinema.  “Going to Pieces: The Rise and Fall of the Slasher Film” it looks to be a very interesting show with many special guests and interviews with the greatest directors and actors from the Slasher Genre. Go to for more information about the night of fear on STARZ!

            All and all it should be an interesting night of television for those of us who are horror fans, at least those of us who happen to miss the Fright Factory.  I hope you all enjoy the night of television terror cause I will be joining those scared souls at the Fright Factory.  As always be afraid, be very afraid.

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