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Imprint- Review By: Roger Moore


Imprint- Review By: Roger Moore

Directed By: Takashi Miike

Written By: Shimako Iwai (Novel), Daisuke Tengan (Screenplay)

Score: Technical: 80, Story: 55, Acting: 50, Overall Score: 62%

The story of a man looking for a lost love in ancient Japan that leads him to an island of prostitutes.  Following every lead he can an American goes to an island of prostitutes looking for his lost love, which he promised to take back to America with him to live in a life that resembles something of more luxury then that which she has led.  Meeting a young disfigured woman he soon learns of the fate of his lovely young bride to be.  But things are not what they seem as she tells him the story of her death and the story of her past, will he find his love or join her in the bitter sweet side of death.

The filming on this Masters of Horror was done with expertise and it does show why Takashi Miike is a master.  The special effects did stand out slightly as the disfigurement of the young woman was nothing spectacular but it was done very well.

This is the lowest of rankings on the Roger Moore movie scale with only One Skipped Beat, it is also the worst Masters of Horror story I’ve set it yet, but it was still somewhat enjoyable.  The story did lack in the horror department but then again to me most J-Horror films usually do.  I did enjoy watching it but I do not know if that was because it was Banned for Television of simply because it was a Masters of Horror film but I don’t think it will be watched again but it will make it’s way into the collection if no other reason than it is a Masters film.  I think everyone should watch it to make up their minds for themselves, don’t let my dislike for a J-Horror film dissuade you from watching it, there were some good parts to it and it was enjoyable but not the best in the series.  As always be afraid, be very afraid.

Masters of Horror: Imprint

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