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Paramnesia- Review By: Roger Moore


Paramnesia- Review By: Roger Moore

Directed By: Derek Bensonhaver & Brandon Scott Jensen

Written By: Blake Acker & Brandon Scott Jensen

Score: Technical: 60, Story: 70, Acting: 60, Overall Score: 63%

            A young woman finds things in her waking life that directly relate to her dreams.  Finding teeth in her breakfast cereal, an eyeball in her bathroom sink and a finger, why is this happening to her and what is the explanation for these events. 

            Technically there was nothing special about this short film, aside for it being shot on a very nice camera for a low budget shoot.

            Ranking in with a whopping One Skipped Beat on the Roger Moore movie scale, it’s an interesting one to watch, the story was okay and it may have been a better as a full length feature. As always be afraid, be very afraid.


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