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SAW III- FRIDAY- Article By: Roger Moore


SAW III- FRIDAY- Article By: Roger Moore

It’s Halloween and that means it’s time for Saw once again. 

Jigsaw has to be one of the best of the bad; he is defiantly one of the best villains to grace the silver screen in many years.  I don’t think anyone has had such an impact on the horror world since Sir Anthony brought Hannibal to life.

It started with Adam and Dr. Gordon chained to piping in an old crappy bathroom, I don’t know anyone who had seen Saw that picked out that it was Jigsaw lying in the floor thought to be dead.  The story for this film was wonderful, and the performances were great as well.  The directing wasn’t the greatest but the story pulled it all together and made it what it was.

Moving on in life we join Jigsaw in his working home being interrogated by the police but unknown to the police things just got a little bit more creative as eight people find themselves locked in a house being slowly poisoned with no easy way out of the house.  Learning more about Jigsaw, with who he is and why he is doing the things that he does it only leaves us wanting to know more and to see more of the creativity that is the genius that is Jigsaw.

Now we join Jigsaw as he has disappeared while being aided by his apprentice Amanda, city detectives are once again baffled by the games that Jigsaw is playing as they try to locate his newest victim Dr. Denlon who is unaware that she is about to become his latest pawn is his immaculate game of chess.   Meeting Jigsaw who is now bedridden on the verge of death Dr. Denlon must keep him alive long enough for Jeff (another of Jigsaw’s victims) to finish the game he has started to play.  Racing against not a clock but the ever-slower beating heart of Jigsaw Dr. Denlon tries to keep him alive long enough to find her own way out of this horrible nightmare that has come to life.  Trying to do what she is being forced no one is aware of the plans Jigsaw and Amanda has waiting for wither of them. 

Be sure to check out Saw 3 in theaters this Friday the 27th I know I’ll be there to give my money and support to this wonderful franchise, will you?  As always be afraid, be very afraid. 


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