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The Bonesetter Returns


The Bonesetter Returns

Directed By: Brett Kelly

Written By: Brett Kelly

Score: Technical: 25, Story: 45, Acting: 10, Overall Score: 27%

             The Bonesetter was a child-murderer long thought destroyed. Little do the people who killed him realize…he’s back to set things wrong.

            Being one worse than the first, this sequel is not something to be proud of by anyone other than Brett Kelly himself, I wanted to gouge my eyes out after the first twenty minutes of sitting in watching this movie.  Hell I want to gouge everyone’s eyes out to help save them the trauma of watching this movie.  I don’t like to give a bad review but this was not a movie I could find anything good about it while watching, Brett Kelly has the skill and he needs to use it, hopefully he will not star in his next film, as he will be able to concentrate on directing only.  If he does this, his skill might shine brightly.  There is nothing more to say about this movie other than be afraid, be very very afraid.  

Bonesetter Returns & Final Cutain (Double Feature)

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