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Casino Royale

Score: Technical: 90, Acting: 85, Story: 85, Overall Score: 87%

Directed By: Martin Campbell

Written By: Neal Purvis, Robert Wade & Paul Haggis (Screenplay), Ian Fleming (Novel)

James Bond is back, and this time it’s his first time. Starting off in his newly acquired 00 status he finds himself tracking the funding behind a terrorist group that leads him to play in a game of Texas Hold’em where the stakes are 150 million dollars. If Bond looses the game the money goes to the terrorists and will help fund their terrorist activities. How will Bond be able to make his way thru the ever dangerously growing world of the double 00’s?

Technically this has to be the best Bond film since Golden Eye, the action sequences were filmed very well nothing seemed to be to over done. The stunts were fulfilled with great excellence and done wonderfully.

A full on Heart Stopper is what this film receives on the Roger Moore movie scale, and having already watching it twice I still wouldn’t mind watching it many more times. I loved the way this film flowed and the story was great and making it a modern era starting point for Bond was a great idea. Finding the introduction of Bond into the double 0 world was great watching his first kills and how in one movie he moves from a rugged agent into the suave man we all know and love till this day. If you haven’t gotten to see this one get out right now and go watch it, it’s worth the price of admission. As always be afraid, be very afraid.

Casino Royale

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