Our friends over at Universal Buzz let us know about the upcoming webcast ‘CARNAL’ by award-winning Argentinean filmmaker Fabian Forte. ‘CARNAL’ stars Federico
Bezenzette, Guido Krilovetski, Alexia Zamparo and Mara Said. Each webisode of ‘CARNAL’ will be 3-5 minutes long. Forte filmed and edited the entire movie in sequence with handheld cameras. The episodes will be available exclusively on http://www.carnalthemovie.com/.


Carnal Started as project of Domauno Productions, Fabian Forte’s team.  The
film was shot in six days (nine hour days) and mostly in one location to lower
production cost.  Shot in sequence with minimal technical equipment and edited
in camera as they shot each scene.



A claustrophobic tale of two friends who get more than they bargained for when
they go out for a bite to eat, encounter a pair of enticing women on the street
and go home with them.


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