A blind woman receives an eye transplant that would be able to let her see once more. She gets more than bargained for when she can see everything including ghosts. Most ghosts are completely harmless but not everything in this world or the next is completely harmless. Embarking on a horrendous journey to find out where the eye originated she finds more than she wanted to and must find the history to the previous dead owner.

Jessica Alba has signed a $4 Million deal to star in the remake of this film set to begin production in February of this year. Producing will be none other than Tom Cruise’s very own Production Company. It is the remake of the film originally entitled Gin gwai a Japanese horror film of origin; the title translates to the eye. The film will also include Chloe Moretz who played Chelsea Lutz opposite Ryan Reynolds in the remake of The Amityville. Set to direct are Xavier Palud and David Moreau who have previously directed such films together as Ils, the story of a couple who awake in their peaceful home to realize that they are not alone. For my money this should make for one interesting remake set to be released in 2008. As always you’ll receive more information on this upcoming film as we here at Toxic Shock do.