Cast: Ed Harris, Adrienne Barbeau, Hal Holpook, Leslie Neilson, Ted Danson, Gaylen Ross, Stephen King.

Director: George A. Romero

Synopsis: Five tales of death and destruction written by the master himself Stephen King.

Father’s Day – The story of a family gathered together on father’s day to remember their late father who was truly a haughty controller. With the guest all gathered for the celepation one final unexpected guest arrives to surprise everyone.

Something To Tide You Over – The story of a man who decides to rid his life of two people in a very creative way. Using the ocean as his accomplice the man retreats to his home unaware of what wet works is about to befall him.

The Crate – The story of a man with an abusive and controlling wife comes to the aid of a friend the professor of a local college who has come across a mysterious crate under the stairwell. Opening the crate is as opening Pandora’s box, unleashing its own hell upon those around it.

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill – The story on a lonesome man who finds a meteor in his backyard, hoping to make money from this marvelous find Jordy accidentally peaks it open. What will Jordy do, as the liquid from within the meteor causes a green grass like substance to grow over anything it touches. Find out what Jordy will do with his newly acquired miracle grow.

They’re Creeping Up On You -  The story of a clean freak that has a special hatred for cockroaches, living in a germ free environment, the man finds one cockroach which leads to another until his worst nightmares come true within his very home.

Status: DVD/VHS