Residents of Norfolk South are still feeling the aftermath of a devastating train derailment and toxic explosion on February 3rd. Wade Lovett, a local auto detailer, is one of many who are experiencing serious health issues as a result.

Lovett’s voice has become high-pitched, almost like Mickey Mouse, making it difficult for him to speak. He also struggles to breathe, especially at night, and experiences severe chest pain that feels like drowning. Doctors believe he has been exposed to harmful chemicals, but no one in the town can perform the necessary toxicological tests to confirm which ones.

Wade Lovett (left) Screenshot/YouTube – User: Stig

The impact of this tragedy has been far-reaching, with Lovett losing his job because he is unable to work due to his health issues. The community is in need of support and resources to recover from this devastating event.

As investigations continue into the cause of the derailment and explosion, it is clear that the effects on the people of Norfolk South will be long-lasting. It is important for authorities to prioritize the health and well-being of the community as they work towards finding solutions and providing aid.

By Grady Owen

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