The city of El Paso, Texas is bracing for an expected surge of illegal immigrants as the controversial Title 42 migrant expulsion order is set to expire on May 11. In anticipation of this, the Democratic mayor of El Paso, Oscar Leeser, announced on Sunday that the city will declare a state of emergency.

During the pandemic, the Trump administration implemented Title 42 as a public health measure to expel certain illegal immigrants. But with the end of the policy, the southern border is expected to see a significant increase in illegal immigration, putting a strain on resources for cities like El Paso.

Mayor Leeser emphasized the need to prepare for the unknown and ensure that the city has the necessary resources to handle the influx of migrants. This includes additional shelter, housing, and staffing.

“We need to make sure we have the resources in place to assist these individuals, many of whom are coming here seeking a better life,” Leeser said during a press conference.

The move by El Paso comes as the Biden administration faces mounting criticism over its handling of the border crisis. Republicans have criticized the administration’s rollback of Trump-era policies, arguing that the changes have led to a surge of migrants at the southern border.

In response, the administration has pointed to the root causes of migration, including poverty, violence, and corruption in Central American countries. The administration has also emphasized the importance of treating migrants with dignity and respect.

As the situation at the border continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how cities like El Paso will cope with the expected influx of migrants. But for now, the city is taking proactive steps to ensure that it is prepared to handle the situation as best it can.

By Grady Owen

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