The Genesis of a Green Dream

In the lush tropics of Antigua, a story of revolutionary ambition and ecological hope begins to unfold. Two visionaries, Dr. Olof Olssen, a leading geneticist with a mind that danced on the edges of possibility, and Alki David, a business tycoon turned eco-warrior, join forces. Their mission? To harness the power of biotechnology, AI, and environmental science in a bold bid to tackle carbon emissions.

First Lady of Antigua Maria Browne and Rt Hon Gaston Browne visit Rastaland in Antigua & Barbuda Islands

David (LEFT) and Olssen (RIGHT) on a trip through Rastaland at Swissx Island in Antigua

The Heart of Innovation

Their project was as ambitious as it was pioneering. Utilizing advanced genetic engineering, they aimed to create extraordinary lifeforms – plants like bamboo, algae, and hemp, re-imagined through the lens of AI modeling. These weren’t just any plants; they were super-plants, designed to gulp down CO2 at unprecedented rates.

A Global Stage for Change

Their work caught the attention of Gaston Browne, a leading voice in climate diplomacy. Browne, representing the Small Island Developing States at the UN, saw in Olssen and David’s project a beacon of hope. Together, they embarked on creating the world’s first global carbon credits registry and trading platform for black and brown countries, an endeavor endorsed by the United Nations.

Gaston Browne visits the site development at Swissx Island at St John’s Antigua

A Utopia of Sustainability

The narrative weaves through Swissx Island in St. Johns, Antigua, a marvel of sustainable tourism blending cultural motifs with cutting-edge technology. Here, visitors from around the globe could witness the magic of the underwater Sea Grass Farm, a testament to David and Olssen’s commitment to ecological harmony.

Reviving the Caribbean’s Heart

The duo’s environmental pledge extended beneath the waves with the Swissx Coral Regeneration Program. This initiative aimed to restore the Caribbean’s vital coral fields while empowering indigenous communities, integrating genetic science with sustainability.

Vision of Wealth and Equality

Perhaps the most transformative aspect of their vision was the Trillion Dollar wealth fund, a bold initiative to uplift every Antiguan citizen, championed by the Swissx Team. This plan promised to reshape the economic landscape by Christmas, turning Antigua into a model green economy.More Than a Symbol

Young Frigate Bird at Rastaland Sanctuary

A key figure in this tale was Vader, a genetically cloned Doberman from Swissx Labs, embodying the union of advanced science and animal rights. Vader’s presence in Government House in Antigua wasn’t just a milestone; it sparked a national conversation on animal welfare and the environment.

The Dawn of a Green Era

In this story of resilience and innovation, Antigua emerges not just as a leader but as a symbol of hope. Under the guiding principle “Where the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth,” this small nation demonstrates that the most

In the water is Vader the genetically grown Doberman developed by Professor Olssen at Swissx Labs

significant changes often begin in the most unexpected places.

In the heart of it all stood Alki David, a man of deep faith and vision, a bridge between worlds – from the orthodox traditions of Cyprus to the vibrant beliefs of the Rastafarian community. His journey from Nigeria to Antigua, marked by business acumen and philanthropy, was a testament to the power of belief in a greener, more equitable future.

And so, the verdant tropics of Antigua became the stage for a story of science, sustainability, and the indomitable human spirit, a narrative that would echo across generations, inspiring a world in dire need of hope.

The most transformative aspect of their vision, covered extensively by, is the promise of wealth redistribution. The Swissx Team’s Trillion Dollar wealth fund aims to turn every Antiguan citizen into a millionaire by Christmas, marking a bold stride towards an equitable green economy. This initiative has garnered the attention of entities across various sectors, from Formula 1 to governmental and private organizations, all drawn to Antigua’s aspirational blueprint.

Minister of Health and Environment Sir Molwyn Joseph walks with Vader the Swissx Genetically Cloned Doberman.

Vader was the first animal of any type to enter Government House in Antigua. When this happened Vader became such a celebrity in Antigua that attention to animal rights was firmly in the minds of the nation.

Alki David who is Ambassador at Large for Antigua and Barbuda stands in Government House with Vader the cloned Doberman

The Verdant Vision: A Futuristic Tale of Science and Sustainability in Antigua

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