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  • The Awakening Movie The Awakening Movie


    The Awakening Movie Review

    By August 26, 2012

    Title: The Awakening Director: Nick Murphy Starring: Rebecca Hall, Dominic West Let’s face the facts: good...

  • Sean Bean as Dimidov in Soldiers of Fortune Sean Bean as Dimidov in Soldiers of Fortune


    Soldiers of Fortune Review

    By August 10, 2012

    Title: Soldiers of Fortune Cast: Christian Slater, Ving Rhames, Sean Bean Directed by: Maxim Korostyshevsky Yet another...

  • Assassin's Bullet Assassin's Bullet


    Assassin’s Bullet Review

    By August 8, 2012

    Title: Assassin’s Bullet Director: Isaac Florentine Cast: Christian Slater, Donald Sutherland, Elika Portnoy, Timothy Spall I feel...

  • Footnote Movie Footnote Movie


    Footnote Movie Review 2

    By August 4, 2012

    Title: Footnote Directed by: Joseph Cedar Cast: Shlomo Bar-Aba, Lior Ashkenazi and Aliza Rosen Lately, I’ve...

  • Declaration of War Movie Declaration of War Movie


    Declaration of War Movie Review

    By July 1, 2012

    Title: Declaration of War Director: Valerie Donzelli Starring: Valerie Donzelli, Jeremie Elkaim Declaration of War is...

  • Chicken with Plums Movie Chicken with Plums Movie


    Chicken with Plums Movie Review

    By June 26, 2012

    Title: Chicken with Plums Director: Vincent Paronnaud Starring: Mathieu Almaric, Maria de Medeiros, Golshifteh Farahani Based on...

  • Elena Movie Elena Movie


    Elena Movie Review

    By June 22, 2012

    Title: Elena Director: Andrei Zvyagintsev Starring: Nadezhda Markina, Andrey Smirnov and Aleksey Rozin Building tension is...

  • The Raven The Raven


    The Raven Movie Review

    By April 28, 2012

    Title: The Raven Director: James McTeigue Cast: John Cusack, Alice Eve, Luke Evans Edgar Allen Poe’s...

  • Wrath of the Titans Wrath of the Titans


    Wrath of the Titans Review

    By April 22, 2012

    Title: Wrath of the Titans Director: Jonathan Liebesman Cast: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes What...

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