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2001 Maniacs- Review


2001 Maniacs- Review

2001 Maniacs review.

Directed By: Tim Sullivan

I was looking forward to 2001 Maniacs when it hit DVD on June 21st, 2006. Robert Englund, lots of gore, nudity and laughs, right up my alley! I popped the movie into my DVD player and was hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed. Well thank the horror gods I wasn’t, because 2001 Maniacs was a sick and silly fun ride! 2001 Maniacs delivered everything I wanted in the film. Lots of gore? Check. Enough female nudity to please any horn dog horror fan? Check. Hilarious humor? Check. Robert Englund spitting out those one liners like a pro? Check. I was one happy horror geek.

The acting on display is great. Robert Englund (Mayor Buckman) was hilarious and engaging as hell. I mucho dug his performance and presence in the film. Jay Gillespie (Anderson Lee) gave a creditable and likable performance. Lin Shaye (Granny Boone) was creepy yet effective. Marla Leigh Malcolm (Joey) was really hot and likable. Enough said! The rest of the cast did a great also, props all around!

Tim Sullivan’s directing felt old school all the way. Fluid movements and angles and a great job at pacing. Good job for a debuting director.

The Music is simple yet effective. Good job by Nathan Barr. The rock version of “The South will rise, again” was kick ass!

Looking for gore? Look here. Limbs are torn from bodies, bodies are crushed, acid is melted though flesh and much more! The gore FX were all practical, and great. Dig in, Gore hounds.

I found this film to be very funny. I don’t know about you but I find a hillbilly chasing a sheep with his pants down and saying “She’s playing hard to get” to be gut busting hilarious. The one liners on display also hit the mark with my favorite being “I once had confidence in a fart…sh** all over myself” Good stuff!

2001 Maniacs was one hell of a sick and silly ride.  Can’t wait for the sequel. Highly recommended.

2001 Maniacs

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