Directed By: Michael & Peter Spierig

Written By: Michael & Peter Spierig

Score: Technical: 65, Acting: 60, Story: 75, Overall Score: 67% In the small peaceful town of Berkeley is a nice friendly place to live and visit, but things are about to change for the worse, they are about to get much worse. A strange meteor shower is causing the residents of this small town to change into blood thirsty, flesh-eating zombies.  Technically this film was done very well. The special effects were impressive; they didn’t scream low budget.  The filmmakers also utilized a lot of CGI effects to bring the zombie deaths to life.  Undead Receives Two Skipped Beats on the Roger Moore movie scale; I was definitely let down by this film.  Maybe because it was extremely hyped up by other viewers, or maybe just because I am a die-hard Romero zombie fan.  Even thou I was let down by it and did get a little lost while watching it, It was still an enjoyable rental.  Be afraid, be very afraid.  Undead

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