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Webisode: SUM 41 is as Cool as Usual

We have certainly been enjoying the new SUM 41 tunes as they flood through the music gates, but we’ve got to say their recent webisode reminds us of why we fell in love with SUM 41 more than a decade ago.

The alternative punk rock band transforms into these music gods on stage, but off stage they are a group of down-to-earth guys, who run into issues similar to those of musically ungifted people. SUM 41 experiences delayed flights when traveling on tour that result in drinking at an airport bar to kill time. And the guys even have the typical issue of when a person farts in the tightly enclosed space of an elevator. Gross, we know, but everyone’s got to run into it sometimes.

Despite millions of album sales, SUM 41 remains a humble band that has risen above the egotistical side of success.

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by Lonnie Nemiroff

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