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Minka Kelly Sexually Assaulted On Set Of Charlie's Angels

Former ‘Friday Night Lights’ actress Minka Kelly was recently sexually harassed on the set of her new show where she plays a Charlie’s Angel. Kelly, who landed the role of Angel Eve French, was slapped on the butt by an unidentified man on set, according to reports from TMZ. The man apparently (per Star Magazine) “came up behind the 31-year-old actress and slapped her across the rear end while holding a $100 bill in August.” TMZ however, has stated that the story about the $100 bill is false. “Please don’t ever disrespect me or any other woman like that again,” Kelly stated after the incident took place.

The man, who just moved himself and his family to South Florida to work on the TV reboot, attempted to later apologize to Kelly, but was slapped in the face by the actress instead. Can you blame her? The crew member was eventually fired when ABC execs caught wind of the sexual harassment. According to several outlets Kelly didn’t want the unknown family man to be fired, but the actress had no say in the matter. The staffer is rumored to have been involved in an episode of previous inappropriate behavior before his assault on Minka Kelly.

Charlie’s Angels airs in the 8 pm time slot, Thursday on ABC.

Minka Kelly

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