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NEWS Now Partnering With Entire U.S. Broadcast And Cable TV Universe To Stream Content

MarketWatch is reporting via Business Wire that, the first virtual cable TV network that is also behind “Celebrity Fight Night,” has partnered with the entire U.S. broadcast and cable universe in order to stream FilmOn content to online and traditional Pay-Per-View markets. The Pay-Per-View events is set to be brought to 150 million homes in the U.S. including Avail, Directv, Demand and Dish networks.

As stated above, “Celebrity Fight Night”, set for November 5, is one of FilmOn’s events that will be streamed on PPV; in fact, it will be the first event streamed in this manner. The event will also be able to be watched live online through FilmOn’s fully scalable device agnostic IPTV platform to the computer, mobile devices and connected devices.

“This week we have launched ten more virtual cable channels targeted at early adopter demographics,” said FilmOn founder Alki David. “[T]hese include Night at the Improv, My Combat Channel, Skiers World, 18 Holes and Boating TV, forming a great addition to our line-up of over 100 channels cleared for internet audiences.”

MyCombat Channel will be FilmOn’s own Mixed Martial Arts channel. “We are currently at the Cable Show in New Orleans promoting our very own MMA channel called My Combat Channel, which is the focus of our Pay-Per-View strategy for 2012.”

The channel was founded with his partner Fabiano Iha, who has won many Jujitsu, UFC, and MMA title belts. According to the article, My Combat Channel will broadcast live online Pay-Per-View fights from Sodoba Casino and Resorts in California.

Stay tuned to for the latest from FilmOn.

FilmOn Logo

FilmOn Logo

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