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Cherri Bomb Release “This Is The End of Control”

Cherri Bomb has finally “exploded” with the release of their debut album, “This Is The End Of Control”, which dropped May 15th via Hollywood Records. Yes, this “explosion” pun has probably been overused quite often this year, but the future for Cherri Bomb looks so bright that the cliché is difficult to evade.

The teenage rock group breaks the current band trends in just about everyway. All too often in the 21st Century, bands have been competing with other bands of the same genre. How many times have you heard an outfit referred to as the next leading indie band or pop sensations? Bands of 2012 have a taxing time re-routing their path so they are not following in the trails of the Foo Fighters, The Shins, The Black Keys or even One Direction or The Wanted.

The music industry is in dire need of a triumphant girl group with spunk and vigor to redirect the path that male groups have worn out over the years. Cherri Bomb is the band to shed light on this new direction with “This Is The End of Control”. The album features the single, “Let It Go”, as well as “Shake The Ground”, which also appears on “The Avengers” soundtrack, “Avengers Assemble”. How fitting is that, a fearlessly groundbreaking band and an invincible blockbuster film? Head on over to iTunes, where you can purchase the album, which is out today!

For the latest news on Cherri Bomb, check out the group’s official site.

Cherri Bomb

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