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New Episode World’s Wildest Police Videos Premieres May 21

Spike TV’s shocking police footage show “World’s Widest Police Videos” has a new episode coming Monday May, 21, with even more horrific footage never before seen on TV! Expect the most jolting footage from the around the world, including fatal high-speed car chases, robberies gone awry, riots, international hostage holdups and more.

For a taste of what to expect, check out some clips below. You can learn more about “World’s Wildest Police Videos” at the show’s official site. Full episodes, an episode guide, a blog, clips, and the show’s schedule can also be found on the official site. You can also learn more about “World’s Wildest Police Videos” on Spike TV’s Twitter account and Facebook page.

If you want to be shocked, make sure to check out the newest episode of “World’s Wildest Police Videos” Monday, May 21 at 11/10c on Spike TV.

Fans of the show, please sound off! What do you think about “World’s Wildest Police Videos”? How shocking do you find the show to be? Give your opinions in the comments section below.

Motorcycle Getaway Madness:

Motorcycle Getaway Madness
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Released Gunman Goes Insane:

Released Inmate Goes Insane
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(photo source: Wikipedia)

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