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First Look At Shia LaBeouf In The Company You Keep

A first look at actor Shia LaBeouf in the upcoming thriller ‘The Company You Keep’ has been released. Under the direction of Robert Redford (The Legend of Bagger Vance), LaBeouf is all decked out in glasses and crazy hair while looking the part of his alter ego, a young reporter by the name of Ben Shepard who seems to have found the biggest story of his career. The movie is an adaption of Neil Gordon’s novel by the same name that follows a weather underground activist, Jim Grant, (played by Redford) who goes on the run after LaBeouf’s character discovers his true identity.

Also part of the cat and mouse thriller is actors Brit Marling (Another Earth), Julie Christie (The Secret World of Words), and Sam Elliot (Up in the Air). ‘The Company You Keep’ was adapted by Robert Redford and writer Lem Dobbs who fans love for his work ‘Haywire’ and ‘The Score’. Check out the first look photo below and get the full extended synopsis per IMDb. The movie will hit theaters on February 15th 2013.

“Sharon Solarz is nervous. Shes driving along a lonely road, lost in thought. As she goes over a hill, her car drifts a little too close to the center-divide and shes almost crushed by a truck going in the opposite direction. Rattled further, she pulls into a gas station. She looks like any another woman until cars come screeching in all around her, FBI agents begin waving their badges and a shotgun is pointed at her head. Jim Grant has made a good life for himself as a small town lawyer in Albany New York. He has managed to juggle his job and raise his 11 year old daughter Isabel after the death of his wife a few years ago. His world is turned upside down after hes approached by his old friend Billy while dropping his daughter off at school. Billy fills Jim in on Sharons arrest which took place not far from them. Billy asks if Jim will help her in any way, but Jim wants no part of it. We learn that Sharon was a former member of a radical group called the Weather Underground. The group robbed a bank way back in the late 70s and the security guard, an off duty policeman, was shot and killed in the process. Sharon has been charged with murder. Jim is suddenly under suspicion of somehow being involved. During the ensuing investigation, evidence is unearthed and connections are being made, namely by young and clever Albany Times reporter Ben Schulberg. Ben uses his local and FBI contacts and slowly begins to think that Jim was involved in the robbery and murder. But past appearances can be deceiving and as he tries to get to the bottom of it all, Jim leads Ben and the FBI on a cross-country manhunt, while trying to find the third remaining member-at-large, Mimi Lurir, so that he might convince her to come forward and prove his innocence and save his daughter.”

Shia LaBeouf In The Company You Keep

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