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Alki David Helps Give A Fan A Tattoo Live On My Combat Channel

FilmOn founder, billionaire Alki David, hosted his live tattoo event online one My Combat Channel and on television at LA KILM Ch. 64 September 14. During the event, David helped a My Combat Channel fan get his face tattooed live for a grand total of $8,222.25.

Renowned tattoo artist David Fits was on hand to give fan Charlie Jackson a great tattoo live on television. However, this isn’t the first time FilmOn has engaged in tattooing antics; in August, BattleCam fans were asked to get tattoos at least six inches long and one inch high in order to see if they could win $1,500.

You can check out all of the pictures from the tattoo event here at the Forum. You can also look at the video from the event below the post.

FilmOn is an online streaming television service. Using FilmOn, you can access over 500 live channels and 38,000 titles through the patented HDI player, the world’s leading technology platform for streaming video. You can also watch exclusive live events and watch shows hosted by celebrities. You can also check out FilmOn on Facebook.

What do you think about this tattoo event? Would you participate if this happened again? Give your opinion in the comments section below.

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