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Aaron Sorkin Shares Steve Jobs Biopic Has Just Three Scenes

‘The Newsroom’ creator Aaron Sorkin is crossing his fingers in the hopes that the studio heading up the Steve Jobs biopic he is penning won’t be too harsh to the screenwriter after he spilled some pretty exciting secrets. While attending a Newsweek and Daily Beast event this past Thursday Sorkin revealed that the upcoming movie features just 3 scenes that will run 30 minutes each. “I hope I don’t get killed by the studio for giving too much away.” Adding, “This entire movie is going to be three scenes, and three scenes only.”

Sorkin also shared that he gained perspective and insight on the Apple founder through those that worked previously with Jobs, one of whom is co-founder Steve Wozniak. “I’ve been able to talk to these people who revere him in spite of the fact that he made all of them cry at one point or another. But he made all of them better at what they were doing.” As for the ending of the biopic, Sorkin plans to close it out with a signature line from Jobs – “Here’s to the crazy ones.” If he can do that, he’ll “have written the movie that I want to write,” he shared. The yet to be titled Steve Jobs biopic is still looking for a title and a director.

aaron sorkin steve jobs

Steve Jobs from Aaron Sorkin’s biopic.

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