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Judd Apatow and Maria Bamford Discuss the ’90s In Vanity Fair’s Last Decade Series Video

We have finally come to a close with Vanity Fair Magazine’s Decades Series with Judd Apatow’s short film, “The Decades Series: The 1990s.”

The short film stars Comedienne Maria Bamford, who gets her knowledge about the 1990s tested. If you love the ’90s, then you’ll have fun reminiscing about the days of Nirvana, the Spice Girls, The O.J. Simpson Case, ’90s Vanity Fair covers and more. Having lived through all of the ’90s, I thought it was a fun walk through the decade, and I actually learned a bit too. The video is embedded below the post, so get ready to relive the recent past.

You can check out all of the videos at either the Vanity Fair website or Vanity Fair’s YouTube page. The videos were created to honor Vanity Fair’s 100 year anniversary. The guest directors include Gilly Barnes (the 1910s), Lee Hirsch (the 1920s), Barbara Kopple (the 1930s), Nick Hooker (the 1940s), Joe Sabia (the 1950s), Bryce Dallas Howard (the 1960s), Brett Ratner (the 1970s), Don Cheadle (the 1980s) and Rachel Grady and Heidi Ewing (the 2000s).

Now that the entire video series is over, it’s time to weigh in with your opinions! What do you think of this video series? Do you have a favorite short film? Give your opinions in the comments section below!


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