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One Chance Movie Review

Title: One Chance

Director: David Frankel

Starring: James Corden, Jemima Rooper, Alexandra Roach, Colm Meaney, Valeria Bilello, Trystan Gravelle Asli Bayram, Alessandro De Marco, Christopher Bull, Mai Arwas.

All you need is ‘One Chance’ to make your day. This delicate British comedy is an ode to the pursuit of dreams in our darkest moments in life.

Director David Frankel – who had made a name for himself with ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ – portrays the true story of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ winner, Paul Potts, embodied with great sensitivity by James Corden, BAFTA winner and Tony Award-winning Broadway run in ‘One Man, Two Guvnors.’

This story recreates the rise to stardom of the bashful bullied shop assistant by day and amateur opera singer by night. ‘One Chance’ is way more than a mere biopic. Some have said that the true story has been put through the Hollywood meat-grinder. On the contrary we see a simple but gifted man, who gets overwhelmed by lack of confidence. He blows his life opportunity in the majestic Venice, with legendary Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti, and it seems like there is no second chance. But the best is yet to come. Just like in life, when there seems no going back, effort and skill get rewarded.

Even those who aren’t big fans of opera will have watery eyes while listening to the arias of La Bohème, and most importantly the triumphant ‘Nessun Dorma,’ from Puccini’s ‘Turandot.’

This truly remarkable and inspirational story, also portrays how an important trigger to success can be the support of family and loved ones, who are there to encourage, when giving up becomes incumbent.

‘One Chance’ is surely a mushy flick, but it’s the kind of corny that moves and strikes our comfort zone and ultimately leaves you with an optimistic perspective on life.

Technical: B+

Acting: A

Story: A

Overall: A-

Written by: Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

One Chance Movie

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Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi, is a film critic, culture and foreign affairs reporter, screenwriter, film-maker and visual artist. She studied in a British school in Milan, graduated in Political Sciences, got her Masters in screenwriting and film production and studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York and Los Angeles. Chiara’s “Material Puns” use wordplay to weld the title of the painting with the materials placed on canvas, through an ironic reinterpretation of Pop-Art, Dadaism and Ready Made. She exhibited her artwork in Milan, Rome, Venice, London, Oxford, Paris and Manhattan. Chiara works as a reporter for online, print, radio and television and also as a film festival PR/publicist. As a bi-lingual journalist (English and Italian), who is also fluent in French and Spanish, she is a member of the Foreign Press Association in New York, the Women Film Critics Circle in New York, the Italian Association of Journalists in Milan and the Federation of Film Critics of Europe and the Mediterranean. Chiara is also a Professor of Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts at IED University in Milan.

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