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Sony Pictures Animation Involves Genndy Tartakovsky on Several Projects, Brings Back Smurfs

Sony Pictures Animation is planning on taking audiences on a wild ride filled with vampires and other Halloween monsters, Catbus-esque caterpillar trains and even more Smurfs.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Sony Pictures Animation is banking on Genndy Tartakovsky, who directed the hit animated film “Hotel Transylvania,” to bring them more success with two other film projects. Tartakovsky will direct “Hotel Transylvania 2” and is also developing an original idea called “Genndy Tartakovsky’s Can You Imagine?” The plot is a big secret, but the little that’s been leaked out is that it’s a “fantastic journey through one boy’s imagination.” Looking at some of the concept art, it appears that we’re in for some strange creatures, including that caterpillar train mentioned earlier. Tartakovsky is set to write and direct. Meanwhile, “Hotel Transylvania 2” is being written by Robert Smigel and Adam Sandler. Its release date is set for Sept. 25, 2015. Tartakovsky and Sony Pictures Animation are also working on “Popeye,” which is scheduled for a 2016 release.

“Smurfs,” on the other hand, has already been a big boon for the Sony Pictures Animation and Columbia, but Sony Pictures Animation is looking to take the Smurfs back to their original woodland environments and designs, bringing them closer in line to the original work by “Smurfs” creator Peyo.

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