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Steven Wheeler’s Terminal Velocity EP Review

Steven Wheeler

Composer-producer Steven Wheeler releases his debut EP, ‘Terminal Velocity.’

Musician: Steven Wheeler

EP: ‘Terminal Velocity’

Always striving to explore new horizons and work with an expansive sonic palette is a valuable motivator for versatile musicians. Composer-producer Steve Wheeler is one such resourceful performer, whose eclectic vibes are rooted in such diverse styles as rock, jazz, hip-hop, concert band, metal, techno and musical theater. As a result of his distinct approach to writing and mixing compositions, his songs have been a major part of the soundtrack for CBS Sports, as well as the hit virtual reality game, Farpoint.

The Cape Cod bred, Orlando based studio powerhouse is now proving that his passion for all genres can be taken to the next level with the release of his first solo project. Creating his own niche in the realm of 21st century classical, symphonic and epic music, Wheeler is releasing his debut solo EP, which features three new tracks. Titled ‘Terminal Velocity,’ the EP is an alluring introduction to his original blend of music. The sweeping, melodic and densely percussive sound that’s featured on the trio of tunes perfectly highlight his signature style that will be heard on his upcoming full length debut album, ‘The Endless March of Time.’

Wheeler’s debut solo EP begins with its gripping title track, ‘Terminal Velocity.’ Listeners are immediately introduced to the bold and booming sound that the composer has become known for throughout his astonishing career. One of the most amazing facts is that the multi-instrumentalist created the rich and sensual landscape on the song, as well as its two follow-ups, through only a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 keybed, electric guitars, a 6505 mini-amp and a drum controller. The intense and energetic tune intriguingly blends contemporary instrumentation with a classical symphonic-inspired sound, which instantly captures listeners’ attention.

The entry proves that the composer’s determined to experiment with diverse sounds during his solo career. Even though the runtime only clocks in at a little over two-and-a-half minutes, the opening song conveys deep power, energy, strength and intensity through a passionate mix of soaring strings and brass, vocalizations, trippy electronic sounds and dense percussion.

‘Terminal Velocity’ then delves into the captivating middle track on Wheeler’s debut EP, which is titled ‘Fist of the Heavens.’ The tune proves that the composer has always enjoyed writing for larger ensembles, like orchestra and concert bands, as it sounds like it would be the perfect score for an important action-driven scene in an adventure blockbuster. With its electronic-inspired vibe after the one-minute mark, as well as its multi-track percussion, listeners will surely be left on the edge of their seats, as they wonder where the song will go next.

The final entry on ‘Terminal Velocity’ is ‘The Endless March of Time,’ which is the title track to Wheeler’e upcoming full-length record. The five-minute long song takes its time building its dramatic and classical musical narrative, as it transforms from a lighthearted melodic flow to darker and more haunting texture. The emotional tune taps into a universal theme about the innate struggles people have in working against time. ‘The Endless March of Time’s overall sentimental vibe makes it the perfect score for a more emotional movie scene, as the musician fully reveals his determination in achieving his dreams.

The three pieces on ‘Terminal Velocity’ powerfully stand alone from the other work that Wheeler has created throughout his career. His growing experiences and knowledge in such diverse genres as sportscasts and video games have allowed him to freely and creatively express his emotions and ideals, as well as push boundaries and enjoy the opportunity to stray from his usual compositional comfort zone. The studio powerhouse is also proving that his passion for all genres can be taken to the next level. The sweeping melodies on his debut EP are the perfect introduction to his own distinct niche in the realm of 21st century classical, symphonic and epic music.

For more information on Wheeler, visit his official website, as well as his Facebook page.

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Composer Steven Wheeler's debut symphonic EP, 'Terminal Velocity'
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