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SXSW 2015 Interview: He Never Died's Jason Krawczyk and Henry Rollins

As people struggle to find and hold onto a meaningful purpose in their work and relationships, they often find it difficult to simply define the overall objectives in their lives. So they often determinedly set out to describe and showcase their strengths, in a powerful attempt to validate their existence and merits. Writer-director Jason Krawczyk and actor Henry Rollins profoundly highlighted their persistence in telling an equally emotional and action-driven horror story in their new film, ‘He Never Died,’ which premiered during last week’s SXSW in Austin, Texas. The performer’s complex anti-hero also enthrallingly showcased his dedication to finding the significance in his own life, particularly when it comes to  [ Read More ]

SXSW 2015 Interview: Turbo Kid's Yoann-Karl Whissell, Anouk Whissell and François Simard

Courageously embarking on an emotionally and physically daunting journey in order to achieve what you truly want in life can be a terrifying process for anyone, no matter what stage in their lives they’re at, or what kind of experience they have. The daring young protagonist in the new adventure horror film, ‘Turbo Kid,’ fearlessly fights his enemies to protect not only himself, but also the people who have come to depend on him. In order to brazenly make their feature film debut, writer-directors Yoann-Karl Whissell, Anouk Whissell and François Simard, who go by the collective name RKSS (Road Kill Super Stars), boldly overcame their struggles of making the movie  [ Read More ]

Interview: Ben Stiller, Amanda Seyfried, Adam Horovitz and Noah Baumbach Talk While We're Young

The provocative emotional danger every up-and-coming generation poses on even its immediate predecessor, particularly as society swiftly changes, can be an equally harrowing and enthralling process. As people are forced to contend with the unexpected and fast changes the current youth introduces into their lives, especially in the areas of technology and culture, they must learn to accept the fact that they no longer have endless possibilities in front of them, and must now be established in their careers and relationships. That entrancing exploration into how people act when they’re at their most basic human element is powerfully explored in writer-director-producer Noah Baumbach’s new comedy-drama, ‘While We’re Young,’ which is  [ Read More ]

SXSW 2015 Interview: Pod's Mickey Keating, Dean Cates, Brian Morvant and Giona Ostinelli

Struggling to find a gratifying balance between an estranged group as they strive to overcome their differences in an effort to better themselves and their lives can be a harrowing struggle for everyone involved. That’s certainly the case in the electrifying new horror thriller, ‘Pod,’ which had its World Premiere at this year’s SXSW, during the festival’s Midnighters Section on March 16, at the Alamo Ritz theater in Austin, Texas. While the family in writer-director-executive producer Mickey Keating’s mystery film often relatably clash over their ideas on how to best lead their respective lives, the filmmaker and his cast and crew embraced closely collaborating together to make an emotionally exhiliratingly  [ Read More ]

SXSW 2015 Interview: The Automatic Hate's Justin Lerner, Katharine O'Brien and Joseph Cross

Testing the boundaries of your seemingly loving relationships with the most important people in your life, from your parents to your long-term significant other, can be a revealing insight into how strongly you trust them and believe in their commitment to protecting your well-being. That enticing process of engaging in seemingly dangerous situations is captivatingly showcased in director Justin Lerner’s second feature film directorial effort, ‘The Automatic Hate,’ the follow-up to his debut movie, the 2010 drama, ‘Girlfriend.’ The helmer, who co-wrote the script to his latest film with Katharine O’Brien, grippingly cast actor Joseph Cross to portray a seemingly successful young man who willingly put his connections with his  [ Read More ]

Interview: Darren Grodsky and Danny Jacobs Talk Growing Up & Other Lies (Exclusive)

Perfectly navigating an intricate balance between a group of diverse friends who are determined to support each other, no matter how distinct their opinions are, can be a challenging, yet equally rewarding and gratifying, process. The four main characters in the new independent comedy, ‘Growing Up & Other Lies,’ which opens today in select theaters and on VOD nationwide, enthrallingly pledge to help each other during their times of identity crisis. The movie’s writer-directors, Darren Grodsky and Danny Jacobs, who both starred in and produced the project, also remained powerfully loyal to each other on their second feature film collaboration, after they penned and helmed the 2008 comedy-drama, ‘Humboldt County.’  [ Read More ]

The Cobbler New York City Press Conferenece

Struggling to cope with feeling as though your existence is predestined and planned a long time ago by family members who left your decisions out of your control is a harrowing situation people are often forced to contend with during their lives. But once they find something that offers them fulfillment and purpose, especially when they’re least expecting it, they can finally undergo a satisfying period of self-discovery that allows them to achieve their own goals. That powerful exploration is grippingly chronicled in the new fantasy comedy-drama, ‘The Cobbler.’ the film, which was directed by Thomas McCarthy, who also co-wrote the script with Paul Sado, and opened in select theaters  [ Read More ]


Interview: Richard Bates Jr. Talks Suburban Gothic (Exclusive)

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Interview Richard Bates Jr. Talks Suburban Gothic (Exclusive)

Searching to find your rightful place in the world, where you’re unquestionably accepted and embraced by the people around you, can be an disheartening prospect for some people. Not only does Raymond, the quirky protagonist in the independent horror comedy, ‘Suburban Gothic,’ which was directed by Richard Bates Jr., struggle to find a job he enjoys and excels at, but also discover the real meaning of having true friends and family. But the process of making the film, which the helmer also co-wrote with Mark Bruner, wasn’t as intimidating of a process for the filmmaker once he began penning the script. Not only did Bates Jr. naturally reunite with Matthew  [ Read More ]

Interview Morgan Spurlock on We the Economy

While the economy can often powerfully affect every aspect of a person’s life, from how much they’re able to spend on essential items to how often they can indulge their desires, they don’t often think how their decisions can play a critical role in the state of local and global financial stability. So to help Americans become more aware of the basic fundamentals that drive the economic system, producer Morgan Spurlock has released an engaging documentary, ‘We the Economy: 20 Short Films You Can’t Afford to Miss,’ on such platforms as online, VOD, broadcast and mobile, through his distribution company, Cinelan. Not only did the producer direct the project’s introductory  [ Read More ]


Interview: Danielle Harris Talks See No Evil 2 (Exclusive)

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Interview: Danielle Harris Talks See No Evil 2

Enthrallingly portraying a powerful protagonist who isn’t afraid to go after what they want, regardless of the harrowing consequences they may face, can be a challenge for actors, particularly when the character is susceptible to vulnerabilities throughout an intense horror film. But acclaimed genre actress Danielle Harris once again proved her talent of effortlessly showing a determined victim’s strengths and will to survive in ‘See No Evil 2,’ which was helmed by acclaimed twin horror directors, Jen and Sylvia Soska. The sequel to the 2006 horror thriller, ‘See No Evil,’ which is one of the filmmakers’ latest directorial efforts, once again showcases their signature cinematic theme-when a compelling and dynamic  [ Read More ]

Interview: Mary Elizabeth Winstead Talks Faults (Exclusive)

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Interview Mary Elizabeth Winstead Talks Faults (Exclusive)

While people often claim that they selflessly wish to help people in need without expecting any compensation in return, there are still many who harrowingly strive to aid others, in an effort to bolster their own reputation in society, and to garner the fame and fortune that goes along with it. That’s certainly the case with the narcissistic protagonist in Riley Stearns’ feature film writing and directorial debut, the upcoming thriller, ‘Faults.’ The drama, which opens in select theaters and on VOD nationwide on Friday, features a cult deprogrammer who enthralling balances moments of intensity and unintentional comedic undertones as he tries to separate a young woman from the group  [ Read More ]


Interview: Michael Ojeda Talks Avenged (Exclusive)

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Interview: Michael Ojeda Talks Avenged

Relentlessly pursuing your long sought-after dreams, no matter what physical and emotional challenges you may have to overcome in order to achieve those goals, is an admirable trait people possess as they seek fulfillment in their lives. Filmmaker Michael Ojeda admirably embraced the endurance of working multiple jobs on the set of his new action horror drama, ‘Avenged,’ including being the writer, director, cinematographer and editor, to enthrallingly create the alluring female protagonist for the film that he always imagined. In the process, the lead character grippingly overcame her despairs to admirably prove that not matter what confrontations people are forced to contend with, having unquestionable faith in their abilities  [ Read More ]

Interview: Joe Reegan Talks Alien Outpost (Exclusive)

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Interview Joe Reegan Talks Alien Outpost (Exclusive)

Ambitiously and courageously embarking on an emotionally and physically daunting challenge can be a frightening experience for anyone, no matter how much time and effort they’ve put into mentally preparing themselves for the process. Not only did actor Joe Reegan fearlessly take on the social and emotional responsibilities of playing a soldier who’s actively in service in the sci-fi action film, ‘Alien Outpost,’ but he also boldly performed his own stunts to showcase his character’s terrifying predicament of defending Earth against alien invaders. His gripping portrayal of the soldier is enthralling presented in the thriller, which is now playing on VOD, including iTunes, and was co-written by Blake Clifton and  [ Read More ]

Interview: Johnathon Schaech Talks Vice (Exclusive)

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Interview Johnathon Schaech Talks Vice

Determinedly trying to find your rightful place in the world, particularly amongst people who truly appreciate you for who you really are, has become challenging in recent years, with society becoming increasingly dependent on technology to make their lives more convenient. But there are still those who acknowledge the real essence of humanity, and understand that artificial intelligence can’t improve every aspect of life, even if that value means that they have to disagree with the decisions of the boss they have so longingly respected. Actor Johnathon Schaech embodied that meaningful message in his role of Chris in his action sci-fi adventure film, ‘Vice.’ The character in the movie, which  [ Read More ]


Interview: Jamie Kennedy Talks Buddy Hutchins (Exclusive)

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Interview: Jamie Kennedy Talks Buddy Hutchins

While many people often rely on the emotional support of their families to help them contend with harrowing life experiences, there are perplexing situations where people’s relatives are the cause of their problems. That difficult situation can at times lead the struggling person to take out their anger on the people closest to them, who are harming in horrific ways. That drastic measure of taking revenge out on the people who betrayed, instead of helped, the conflicted and hurt person is enthrallingly portrayed in writer-director Jared Cohn’s new horror comedy, ‘Buddy Hutchins.’ The thriller, which is now available on DVD and VOD, including iTunes, features comedic actor Jamie Kennedy in  [ Read More ]

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