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Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2016: Danny Perez and Natasha Lyonne Talk Antibirth 4

Exploring your new and revitalized identity in an unfamiliar territory can be a daunting challenge for many people. But for the characters, as well as the cast and crew, of the new horror film, ‘Antibirth,’ that examination is a compelling experience that truly helped define their lives. Danny Perez powerfully made his feature film writing and directorial debuts on the drama, which features actress Natasha Lyonne in a classic return to leading a movie cast. The complex protagonist played by the performer, who also served as a producer on the movie, enthrallingly learns how to overcome her fears in order to finally take control of her life. ‘Antibirth’ follows the  [ Read More ]

Interview: John Jarratt, Lucy Fry and Greg McLean Talk Wolf Creek (Exclusive)

Finding a reason to continue living after undergoing a traumatic experience can be a harrowing process in itself, as victims may feel as though they no longer have a reason to live. But the resolute young protagonist in the new horror television series, ‘Wolf Creek,’ powerfully won’t allow the grief caused by her tormentor stop her from pursuing her revenge on him. The six-episode limited television series is set to premiere in America at 10pm ET/PT this Friday, October 14. ‘Wolf Creek’ will air exclusively on Pop, a cable and satellite television network that’s a joint venture of CBS Corporation and Lionsgate. The show was inspired by the iconic Australian  [ Read More ]

Interview: Tate Taylor, Emily Blunt and the Cast Talk The Girl on the Train

Powerfully defying the typical stereotypes that have regularly been placed on both men and women can be a challenge for anyone who strives to have their unique opinions be heard by society. It’s also a necessary plot element that has been severely lacking in mainstream Hollywood films in recent years. But the anticipated mystery thriller, ‘The Girl on the Train,’ is skillfully showcasing that female protagonists have just as much of a right to take charge of any situation as men do as they pursue what they want in life. Based on last year’s hit novel of the same name by Paula Hawkins, ‘The Girl on the Train’ was adapted  [ Read More ]

Hard Target 2 Blu-ray Giveaway Follows Scott Adkins Hunting His Captors

Embarking on self-destructive behavior during the most harrowing points of their lives is often a natural inclination people have when they feel as though they don’t deserves redemption. But when they realize that they can use their skills to improve the situation they find themselves in, not only for themselves but also for society’s greater good, their intuition leads them to strive to capitalize on that chance. That powerful atonement process is highlighted in the protagonist’s predicament in the new action film, ‘Hard Target 2.’ The thriller, which was directed by Roel Reiné, serves as a sequel to the 1993 movie, ‘Hard Target.’ The original action film starred Jean-Claude Van  [ Read More ]

Interview: Ransom Riggs Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children (Exclusive)

Sometimes the only way people can truly stand out and embrace their individuality is within a subculture where no one truly fits into the accepted norms of society. Finally finding a place where all unique traits are honored is a feat that’s celebrated in the new 3D family movie, ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children’ The fantasy adventure film is set to be released in theaters nationwide on Friday by 20th Century Fox, after it had its world premiere on Sunday at Fantastic Fest in Austin. The story is the latest literary work to be translated into a film by director Tim Burton. Screenwriter Jane Goldman adapted Riggs’ novel, which  [ Read More ]


Interview: William Shatner and Terry Bradshaw Talk Better Late Than Never

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Interview: William Shatner and Terry Bradshaw Talk Better Late Than Never

The adventure of a lifetime for five celebrated men from across diverse mediums of entertainment is coming to its stunning conclusion in tonight’s Season 1 finale of the reality series, ‘Better Late Than Never.’ Episode 4 of the comedy-infused show will broadcast tonight from 10-11 p.m. ET on NBC. During the last leg of their trip, stars William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw, Henry Winkler, George Foreman and Jeff Dye conclude their Asian adventure in Thailand. While in the Asian country, the actors and athletes first visit Phuket, where they take part in a wild water fight, before celebrating Bradshaw’s 67th birthday. Dye takes the former football quarterback to get his first  [ Read More ]

Interview: Rob Reiner Talks Being Charlie (Exclusive)

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Interview: Rob Reiner Talks Being Charlie (Exclusive)

Making a troubled protagonist engaging and sympathetic as they strive to overcome drastic circumstances that they have brought upon themselves can be a challenging process for many filmmakers. But director-producer Rob Reiner helped craft a relatable and honest, yet equally distraught, main character in the drama, ‘Being Charlie,’ who initially resents his parents for forcing him to break his drug addiction. However, on his turbulent road to sobriety, the film’s title teenager learns just how important it really is to discover who he really is without being influenced by external sources. ‘Being Charlie,’ which is based in part on personal experiences, was co-written by the filmmaker’s son, Nick Reiner, and  [ Read More ]


Interview: Meg Ryan Talks Ithaca (Exclusive)

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Interview: Meg Ryan Talks Ithaca (Exclusive)

Making the transition into the next natural stage in life can be a daunting experience for many people, no matter how well prepared they are to further expand their knowledge, skills and emotions. But the new war drama, ‘Ithaca,’ offers captivating insight into not only the protagonist’s coming-of-age story, but also an acclaimed actress’ natural transition into working behind the camera. The movie marks the feature film directorial debut of Meg Ryan, who powerfully brought to the screen the story of a teenage boy who’s learning what it truly means to care for his family. The second movie adaptation of William Saroyan’s 1943 novel, ‘The Human Comedy,’ was penned by  [ Read More ]

D.J. Cotrona and Zane Holtz Revive Brotherly Bond During From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series Season 3 Set Visit

Feelings of honor and respect are often amongst the most revered traits that continuously and powerfully bond family members, even during their most combative and strained times. The infamous Gecko brothers, who have garnered unrelenting awe from devoted horror fans over the past two decades, since they were first introduced in director Robert Rodriguez’s 1996 cult film, ‘From Dusk Till Dawn,’ are learning how to appreciate each other again, even during their most difficult times. This past April, Shockya had the pleasure of visiting the set of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series,’ the television adaptation of the popular movie franchise, and witness the brothers’ humble reconciliation. During the set  [ Read More ]

Interview: Michael Fassbender, Alicia Vikander and Derek Cianfrance Talk The Light Between Oceans

Testing the boundaries of true love and it’s accompanying bliss can unfortunately end in catastrophe for even the most deserving people. They care so much about securing more happiness in their connection that they ignore the dangerous repercussions that can potentially arise. Having the willpower to do what’s right for the greater good, instead of just focusing on the effects that an action can have on one couple, is enthrallingly explored in the new romantic drama, ‘The Light Between Oceans.’ Based on the acclaimed 2012 Australian war fiction novel of the same name by M.L. Stedman, ‘The Light Between Oceans’ will be distributed into theaters nationwide on Friday by DreamWorks  [ Read More ]


Interview: Daniel Alfredson Talks Blackway (Exclusive)

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Interview: Daniel Alfredson Talks Blackway (Exclusive)

Inspiration and determination can often strike people during their most intense and surprising situations and connections. The strong-willed protagonist in the thriller, ‘Blackway,’ becomes grippingly motivated to protect herself as she had to learn how to rebuild her life following her mother’s death. But her new life plans are jeopardized when she becomes the target of her hometown’s ruthless con man. The drama, which which was written by Joe Gangemi and Gregory Jacobs, is based on Castle Freeman Jr. 2008 acclaimed novel, ‘Go with Me.’ ‘Blackway’ was directed by Swedish filmmaker, Daniel Alfredson, who was influenced to take the helm by one of the project’s supporting actors, Anthony Hopkins. The  [ Read More ]


Interview: Stephen Lang Talks Don’t Breathe (Exclusive)

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Interview: Stephen Lang Talks Don't Breathe (Exclusive)

Quickly judging a person just on their appearance is a misguided trait that many people take on, as they fall into society’s trap of not placing value of appreciating others for their personalities first. Swiftly being placed in dangerous situations that reveal people’s character as they struggle to protect themselves ultimately proves whether or not those instant intuitions are indeed accurate. Director Fede Alvarez, who co-wrote the script for his new horror film, ‘Done Breathe,’ with Rodo Sayagues, stunningly proved that people’s natural reactions in times of despair offer the most accurate insight into their temperament. Actor Stephen Lang plays one of the main complex characters in the thriller, which  [ Read More ]

Exclusive Interview Andy Powers Talks Clown (Blu-ray and DVD Release)

Striving to protect and positively influence their young and impressionable children is a high priority for many parents, regardless of the troubling circumstances they find themselves in. Unfortunately, at times even their best intentions can fail and ultimately do more harm than good. That’s certainly the case with the married main characters in the horror film, ‘Clown,’ as they try to make their son happy on his birthday with a visit by the title iconic figure. But actor Andy Powers’ well-meaning character soon uncovers the frightening consequences of depending on superficial societal expectations to fulfill a sense of contentment. After Dimension Films and Anchor Bay Entertainment unveiled ‘Clown’ in select  [ Read More ]

Interview: Robert LaSardo Talks Darkest Night (Exclusive)

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Interview: Robert LaSardo Talks Darkest Night (Exclusive)

Embracing your true emotions, without fearing the effects of judgment, is a powerful sentiment held by both troubled characters and daring actions who are intent on taking control of their destines. Versatile and talented actor, Robert LaSardo, who has made a name for himself by portraying criminals and gang members, is powerfully highlighting his natural ability to rise above villainous stereotypes in all of his roles. The intellectual film and television performer has notably embraced the creative freedom that independent projects have offered him throughout his career. As a result, he has expertly shown how allowing actors to share their personal input on their roles can help authenticate the human  [ Read More ]


Passionately pursuing admirable goals, no matter what challenging obstacles stand in the way, is a fulfilling aspiration that the most determined heroes aim to realize. The inspirational young title protagonist in the upcoming animated fantasy film, ‘Kubo and the Two Strings,’ boldly relies on his courage to follow his dream of defeating his opposing enemies and protecting his life. Travis Knight, the president and CEO of the stop-motion animation studio, Laika, and up-and-coming actor, Art Parkinson, have also successfully obtained some of their ambitions by working on the family movie. Knight made the transition from working as a film animator to making his feature film directorial debut, while the 14-year-old  [ Read More ]

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