Critically acclaimed novelist, screenwriter and producer Philip Nutman, author of the cult apocalyptic zombie espionage novel, WET WORK, is launching a new pop cultural web-based magazine, UP AGAINST THE WALL, on August 1st, 2006 –

“I spent so much of the last year working on movie projects and putting together two short story collections, I decided I wanted to get back to my journalistic roots,” Nutman said.

UP AGAINST THE WALL will feature celebrity interviews and reviews of a perse selection of books, movies and music. The first issue features an exclusive interview with three-time world champion wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, who speaks candidly about his starring role in director Tim Sullivan’s forthcoming ghost story, DRIFTWOOD, and his new calling as a yoga guru; renowned Atlanta-based writers Kevin Madigan and Al Kaufman look at the current state of protest music with an interview with James McMurtry and an overview of Neil Young’s latest work, respectively; and British-based anthropologist and musicologist Piers Locke will be contributing a monthly column on unusual CDs.

“UP AGAINST THE WALL has been designed to be an eclectic mix of material the contributors deem cool, hip and unusual – if it’s good, you’ll find it covered here, whether it’s an Italian horror movie, a French art house flick, avant-garde jazz, world music, pulp fiction or an academic study on forensic pathology,” Nutman added.

Future issues will feature exclusive interviews with Rob Zombie, legendary photographer Mick Rock, musician/actor Paul Williams, and many others. “I love interviewing, and there’s a long list of interesting people we want to talk to. Our promise is to never bore you,” he said.

UP AGAINST THE WALL will be “published” the first of each month.

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