Directed By: Stephen Hopkins

Written By: The Brothers Thomas, John & Jim
Score: Technical: 70, Story: 75, Acting: 65, Overall Score: 70
The Thomas Brothers once more bring the story of the ultimate hunter. The Predator is back and this time he’s loose in Los Angeles, on the ultimate hunt, the hunt for humans. During a record-breaking heat wave the war between rival drug gangs rages on in the streets of LA. As the war rages on an elite group of police officers battles against them, unknown to them a little help comes along killing those they are battling against, until it turns and begins killing the members of the elite group. Not knowing hat to the Predator this is a simple game the police battle against the gangs, the feds and the unknown, as it is a game of cat and mouse who is the hunter and who is the prey?

Filmed in the gritty realistic style that Stephen Hopkins does so well, Predator 2 does not stand up to the original but stands alone as its own sci-fi action film. The Thomas Brothers do an excellent job of brining not necessarily a continuation to the Predator story but a story of another Predator’s journey on this world, with a thrilling climax the have outdone themselves once more. The acting of the film was done to the top of the cast’s abilities which was very excellent, with Kevin Peter Hall returning as the Predator no one was disappointing the audience with their acting in this movie.

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