Directed By: Jim Sonzero

Written By: Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Screenplay), Wes Craven (Screenplay)
Score: Technical: 75, Story: 80, Acting: 80, Overall Score: 78%
Think of a world in which all wireless technology is a pathway to the other side of life, which is the side of death. Once the door has been opened it is impossible to close, those who have contact with the ones from the other side have the life forced drained from them leaving most of them without the will to live leaving only one option…suicide. Now wanting to know the truth to why her boyfriend killed himself Mattie Webber (Bell) searches for an answer, with the help from a new acquaintance Dexter McCarthy (Somerhalder) they seek out the truth behind the mystery. Will they be able to find the truth or with they simply become another unexplainable suicide like all the others.
Written by the master himself Wes Craven and to me an unknown Kiyoshi Kurosawa is the main reason I went to watch this film. To me I was not disappointed in the choice of going to watch this movie; it was truly a good and decent remake of a 2000 J-horror film of the same name. I must say it did feel like a Romero flick towards the end. Although it did start somewhat slow and dragged on a little bit it did pick up and moved along nicely. I will definitely be adding this to my collection; I am giving it a Roger Moore’s Two Skipped Beats

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