Diary of a Madman


Hey everybody…..I know I ain’t piped in in a few months. I’ve been busy helping with making a movie called “CARNIES”, which is being directed by our own Brian Corder, and is being produced by his Father, my bass guitarist, Mr. John Corder, and stars my best friend Bill Schulz as “Siniscargo” as well as myself, Ace Diamond, as “The Wild Man From Borneo”………be on the lookout. I’ve also been writing new music as well as performing a concert, and I am still in pre-production for my new cd, which will be recording soon. It should prove interesting with OZZFEST coming to town July 8th. So keep an ear out for “The Ace Diamond Experience” new cd due out as quickly as we can get it done and released for all the world to love or hate…….stay tuned as you will only be able to get it right here, exclusively from www.toxicshock.tv.

Anywho……..down to business.

I figured with the arrival of OZZFEST ever so near, I should write up on the Ozz. I chose this album because 1.”Blizzard of Ozz” gets the majority of the attention, and 2.”Diary Of A Madman” fucking blows “Blizzard” away and leaves it in the dust.

So this metal madness on a slice of licorice pie opens side 1 hostilities with the fever and the fury of “Over The Mountain” and “Flying High Again”, a total knockout one, two punch combination that leaves you reeling from the get go.

Then comes “You Can’t Kill Rock And Roll” ,in which Ozz takes aim at his critics as well as certain religious and political hypocritical loudmouths, who at the time, and maybe still do suffer from severe, acute, and quite incurable cranial rectumitis, most of whom are now either discredited or dead.

Just to further his point, “Believer” closes out side 1 of the brutal metal massacre. The point therein is to believe in yourself, and fuck what anybody else thinks!!!!

Now side 2 is the horror story part of the record. This is where the afore mentioned retards die and go to hell and suffer for all eternity at the hands of SATAN…

So “Little Dolls”, “Tonight”, “S.A.T.O.”, and the title track, “Diary Of A Madman” polish off one of the finest Heavy Metal albums ever produced. Then again, Ozzy is one of the four founding fathers of Heavy Metal, in that he is one of the original members of Black Sabbath, thus why he is called “THE GODFATHER OF HEAVY METAL”!!!!!!
Accident of Birth


OK, going into the petty rubbish between Sharon Osbourne and Bruce Dickenson at last year’s OZZFEST, and yes, I was at that particular show and non too enthused with the immature behavior, as I am a huge fan of the bodies of works both Ozzy and Bruce have put forth. I, as a fan, was really fucking pissed off at Sharon for turning off the power and the other forms of harassment….I paid my money to see both Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden……..I had not seen Iron Maiden in around 15 year since the “Fear of the Dark” tour in early 1990’s.
Now about this here cd, it’s a real shitkicker. Adrian Smith joins Bruce here and opens up with a brutal “Freak”. Killer stuff! An instrumental “Toltec 7 Arrival” segues into “Starchildren”, another stellar track. There is not 1 lousy song on this cd. Other stand out tracks include “Road To Hell”, “The Dark Side Of Aquarius”, the title track “Accident Of Birth” and “The Ghost Of Cain”. Overall this cd fucking wails…….you must click on the link that I know B.C. will be adding and buy this if you do not already have it, get it.
The Ventures - Walk Don't Run: All Time Greatest Hits


A superb instrumental surf rock group from the 50’s and 60’s. The music they made still sounds fresh and exciting. Don’t believe me? Go listen to a copy of “Walk Don’t Run“. These guys were virtuoso musicians. I’d hate to see the legacy of music they left behind in their wake vanish. To a recording artist, myself included, you continue to live on long after your death as long as least one person is still digging your music. To be forgotten is the worst thing that can happen to an entertainer. To be forgotten is truest death of the most infuriating and deeply painful order.
Until next time all you punks and punters,
Ace Diamond

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  1. You are totally right. This is still fresh recording after all those years. By the way, this record is from 1960.

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