Directed By: Sam Raimi

Written By: Sam Raimi
Score: Technical: 80, Story: 70, Acting: 80, Overall Score: 77%
Necronomicon Xmortis roughly translated as the Book of the Dead, again Ash the sole survivor of the original Evil Dead returns to the cabin with his girlfriend where the two listen to the tape once more unleashing the demon hell on the earth. After his girlfriend Linda is possessed by the evil demons a few visitors, the daughter of Professor Raymond Knowby who have come to search of her father, surprise Ash. The Professor has translated and recorded the readings of the book and it is this that Ash listens to unleashing the demons. The evil with in the woods possesses all it comes into contact with and tries to make sure that Ash will be…Dead by Dawn. Losing his hand, gaining the legendary chainsaw for a hand, doesn’t stop Ash when it comes to battling the demons. It even leaves an opening for the third film to be done which was made years later, that review will come next, so for anyone who enjoys Sam’s work or a god horror flick this is a great one to give a try.

This film has been given Roger Moore’s Two Skipped Beats, even thou I wanted it to be a heart stopper, no matter how much I personally love this film it just fell short of one. This film stands out more so than the original as more than a sequel it seems to be a retelling of the original story. Seems to be that Sam Raimi was unable to get the rights to the original film so he retold the original story just changing enough to make it something different entirely. This does explain why the hell Ash went back to the cabin where he almost died at the hands of demons from hell, no person in their right mind would ever put themselves thru the same shit twice like that. I rated this one higher than the original simply because it’s a second chance and a different story, it’s more in-depth than the first one and the acting is better on the part of the cast, given that Bruce Campbell is the only returning member from the original. The filming was more advanced and done much better it is though they had more funding to do the second film.

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