It Came From Lake Michigan Film Fest

It Came From Lake Michigan is an independent film festival for science-fiction, horror, and fantasy filmmakers. The three day event takes place in Racine, Wisconsin October 20-22. The festival is open to submissions in three categories: short, features, and best unproduced screenplay. Submissions can be made until September 12, 2006.

Inspired by Hammer films and other science fiction and horrorontent/uploads/it_came_from_lake_mich films from the sixties and seventies, festival creator, Wayne Clingman started IT CAME FROM LAKE MICHIGAN. “It’s a great 50’s title,” laughed Clingman. “I’m hoping it will become an annual event.”

“I noticed there were a lot of horror competitions, so I thought I would have one,” said

Clingman. “I’m not a big slasher film fan. To me, It’s about what’s behind the door? What’s under the bed?”

Wayne Clingman is putting a lot of effort into the festival. Hess attracted notable science fiction and horror veterans for the three day event. Genre directors Fred Olen Ray and Lloyd Kauffman are scheduled to attend. They’ll be conducting workshops. Actresses Brinke Stevens, Debbie Rochon, Suzi Lorraine, and other horror/sci-fi actors are scheduled to attend. Other events taking place include an opening night gala which is by invite only. There will be a burlesque show and costume contest as well

The films scheduled so far include: Lou Vockell’s, “Stalking Hand,” and “Little Bikini Vampire” by Indiana director, Devi Snively. Clingman plans on playing as many films as possible.

For further information about submission policies and prices, check out the website

by Sean Strebin

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