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Total Recall- Review By: Roger Moore


Total Recall- Review By: Roger Moore


Directed By: Paul Verhoeven

Written By: Philip K. Dick (short story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale)(inspiration), Ronald Shusett, Dan O’Bannon, Jon Povill (Screen Story), Ronald Shusett, Dan O’Bannon, Gary Goldman (Screen Play)

Score: Technical: 85, Story: 80: Acting 75: Overall Score: 80%

Douglas Quaid is haunted by a recurring dream about a journey to Mars as he explodes out of the year 2084 A.D. as he smashes his way through a horrifyingly real fantasy world, complete with a gorgeous but deadly wife and into a mind-bending nightmarish reality of a Martian mining colony ruled over by a terrorizing dictator, who can alter reality to suit his whims. The red planet erupts with rebellious mutants, the fire of an alluring and mysterious woman and a vicious and savage enemy. What is reality when you can’t trust your memory? As an Earthbound construction worker who keeps having dreams about Mars. A trip to a false memory transplant service for an imaginary trip to Mars goes terribly wrong and another personality surfaces. Who is he? Which personality is correct? Which version of reality is true? He hopes to find out more about this dream and buys a holiday at Rekall Inc. Now the story really begins and it’s a roller coaster ride until the massive end of the movie.

This one is happily receiving a Two Skipped Beats on the Roger Moore Movie Scale. I always enjoyed watching this film being done by the same man who brought us Robocop and other great films, it belong in any collection and is a god one to have.  A Scfi flick that delivers in every way you want, with at the time state of the art special effects and a story that had never been done before.  Mars is a strange place and this film help delve into the mysteries that is the Red Planet.  Enjoy the film I know I did as well as millions of others, hell if nothing else, support your California state governor. 

Total Recall
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