Directed By: Stuart Gordon

Written By: Stuart Gordon & Dennis Paoli (Teleplay) & H. P. Lovecraft (Short Story)

Score: Technical: 90, Story: 85, Acting: 80, Overall: 85%
A grad student rents a room as he works on his computer model of dimensional time and space not realizing that he himself is in the very room his model has created. Strange things begin to happen as he spends more time in his room and as he becomes more attached to his neighbor, a single mother trying to get by on what she can. Thinking he is going insane what lengths will one man go to, to prove his sanity to himself and to everyone else.

Two Skipped Beats is what this gem of a flick receives on the Roger Moore scale. Gordon does enjoy the works of Lovecraft and he shows it once more with this horrific thriller that is brought to you by one of the masters that is still in his prime no matter how old he is. A wonderful thrill ride for all fans of Gordon’s work, Dreams in the Witch House will leave your stomach in knots. As always be afraid, be very afraid.

Masters of Horror - Stuart Gordon - Dreams in the Witch House
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