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Simon Sez- Review By: Roger Moore


Simon Sez- Review By: Roger Moore

Directed By: Kevin Elders

Written By: Moshe Diamant & Rudy Cohen (Story), Andrew Miller & Andrew Lowery (Screenplay)

Score: Technical: 70, Story: 70, Acting: 75: Overall Score: 72%

            An Interpol agent uses the help of two strangely odd computer monks to help him find the kidnapped daughter of a close friend and save the world from an international arms dealer.
Technically this film had some good action sequences but nothing to really rave about but it was still interesting to watch.  The fights were done rather well even thou we can all see the Dennis Rodman isn’t the greatest martial artist (being an understatement) but they had a very good fight choreographer. 

or my money this is a great movie to watch on TV whenever it comes on, that’s what I’m doing now and it get One Skipped Beat on the Roger Moore movie scale.  To me Dane Cook made this movie what it was even if that was crap he truly did bring a great performance to this movie, making you laugh and enjoy even the slightest amount of time on his largest screen time, well at the time at least. 

As always be afraid, be very afraid.

Simon Sez

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