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After Dark Horrorfest


After Dark Horrorfest

Tickets went on sale today this wonderful display of modern day horror, it’s for all of us fans who love horror movies and the genre in general.  If you like horror then you may want to know about the After Dark Horrorfest. Taking place on November 17th-19th in 500 theaters across the United States, the After Dark Horrorfest features eight never-before-released horror films including Unrest, Penny Dreadful, The Gravedancers, The Abandoned, The Hamiltons, Reincarnation, Dark Ride, Wicked Little Things.. Tickets are on sale today and you may purchase an all-access pass or individual tickets to each movie. For more information on this wonderful event go to stay tuned to Toxic Shock for further information as to where these films can be viewed.


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