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So far in the world of horror news not much has come to life but the word along the grapevine is that Lions Gate film is preparing to set in motion the release of Saw 4 due out next Halloween.  So far the only rumors to report is that Thomas Fenton is set to write but the way this world works things can change at the drop of a hat.  So stay tuned to Toxic Shock for further information on the development of Saw 4. 
The questions that must be asked is with the trilogy in the can how far are they willing to milk this franchise?  Many people feel that Saw 3 was far superior to both the first and second films combined, what does this reporter have to say about that nothing, it is for the general public to decide at least until I have seen it for myself.  Coming this week the review of Saw 3 and much more. 

Saw 3

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