Directed by: Zack Parker

Starring: Sean Blodgett Tiffany Wilson & Todd Richard Lewis

Score: Technical: 95, Acting: 95, Story: 95, Overall Score: 95%

Unfortunately, there are so many of us that can admit, that we were either a victim being bullied in school, or perhaps we were one of the cruel punks doing the bullying. Yes, I myself admit to being both.
Picture yourself a college freshman away from the comforts of home, a so called “Geek”, a “Wierdo” according to what the other students opinion of you. You are not like every body else, perhaps it’s because you keep to yourself, are shy, antisocial, maybe it is because of the way you dress, the way you style your hair, or all of the above. Perhaps those other people are just assholes, who like nothing more than to humilate and mistreat those whom don’t fit their sterotype of being “cool” or “normal”. Your roomate “Jay”  who claims to be your friend, or is at least pretending to be anyways, to reel you in just to humiliate you even more. Inviting you to a party in which you are hesitant to go, but at the same time jump on the idea of possibly being “accepted”.

You couldn’t have been more wrong……tormented in the cruelest of ways by some fellow peers with a “piss poor attidude”, I mean they not only make you feel like you are no body, and a worthless piece of shit, but they take the pleasure in pissing on your parade, well actually on “You”, not in your corn flakes, but on your face.
Had enough yet….????!!!
Well Maury (Sean Blodgett) has, and that is where things take a twisted turn. Not only has he been through pure hell with these jocks, I mean jerks, but to then discover that the girl of his dreams (Tiffany Wilson) is part of that crowd. But unlike her friends, she takes a liking to Maury and tries to “rescue” him from the group that has reeked so much havoc on him. But is she just playing games like everyone else, or is this truly what Maury has been waiting for?
Is the blind folded man Maury keeps seeing real? Or is it someone from the “group” playing mind games with him? Or is this all a figment of his immagination.
What does fate have in store for poor Maury? Or better yet, what fate does Maury have planned for those who have pissed on him for the last time. Maury has had enough, and has decided to end the humiliation once and for all. One by one the “cool crowd” begins to disappear. Could Maury’s dreams be coming true, or is this all just a nightmare from which he or no one else will ever awake.
What would you do “INEXCHANGE”?
For: acceptance
For: friendship:
For: the girl of your dreams
For: it all just to stop??????
Directed by Zack Parker, “INEXCHANGE” is not your typical low budget horror film. It’s much more! Yes, it has plenty of blood and gore to fullfill your gory desires, and enough skin, to fulfill your X-rated desires that you seek in an indie film, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s a brilliant, twisted, horrifying psychological roller caoster that puts you right in the front row, and in the shoes of someone who is an outcast. Zack Parker has certainly done one hell of an awesome job on this film. Great editing, interesting story line, and plenty of blood in this one. He’s not afraid to offer viewers something with a twist, something a bit different and far more interesting than most of the independent films that are out today. I give this film “two thumbs up”, as Zack has done a superb job of bringing this Twisted story to life.
“INEXHANGE”  is a must have for your collection. Especially if you like stories with a twist, horror films, or are thinking or have been bullying someone. Because you just never know when someone might snap.


Review by : Sweet Pandemonium, Stacey Griffith