NG26 a UK band with much to offer listeners and fans alike.
Motivation, passion, talent, originality, and a unique style of music unlike no other.

The band was formed in 1998, as a cover band. Consisting of two sets of brothers: Chris Topley -lead vocals, Jon Topley- drums, Rob Shaw-bass guitar/ b. vocals, and Rich Shaw- guitar. Influenced by bands such as: Metallica, Disturbed, Alter Bridge, Kiss, Guns N’ Roses, Pink Floyd, Incubus and Slip Knot. The band put forth, days, weeks, months and years of time and dedication to their ultimate passion…..MUSIC! Slowly developing their sound and style into what it is today…..totally ground breaking, kick ass music that stretches all boundaries of hard rock.

NG26 has toured the UK extensively with such bands as: Cycle Fly, Pro-Jekt, and Kill2This. Playing in several pubs and bars across the country, Drawing a growing interest and fan base.

The band entered “Parr Street Studios” in Liver Pool to record their 3 track demo, which received recognition and positive feedback from the press and fans. With great support the band Continued on to record their debut Album in Feb 2006 “Break Away”. with a release date set for October 31st 2006.

The evolution of NG26 has not been achieved easily. This dedicated group pours every bit of their heart and soul, along with blood sweat and tears into their song writing, music, and performances. To see a live show performed by NG26 is evidence of the band’s hard work, drive, passion, and musical talent. Putting on one hell of a show. Certainly crowd pleasers!

The much-anticipated release of the NG26 debut album “Break Away” (with cover art designed by Twisted Tots Productions) is hoped to generate and bring to the band, the global recognition that have worked so hard to achieve and most definitely deserve.

NG26 is here to stay, like it or not!
With a unique style of music that is sure to be loved by many, including myself….Hell I’m their biggest U.S. fan!


Review by: Sweet Pandemonium….(Stacey Griffith)

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