Director: Alex Proyas

Cast: Rufus Sewell, William Hurt, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly

Original Release Date: 1998

Scores: Technical: 80, Story: 85, Acting: 80, Overall Score: 80

A rather older, obscure and perhaps even “cult” film. I rather liked this unique and strange little fantastical classic from Alex Proyas, the director of The Crow (which you may have heard of).

The premise itself is too unique and splendidly done for me to want to reveal too much, it may give things away.

A man awakens with no memory of his past, naked in a bathtub, totally and utterly confused. He is being hunted by the police for a series of gruesome and mysterious murders that he cannot recollect doing, along with a woman claiming to be his wife (played by the beautiful Jennifer Connelly), a mysterious doctor (played awesomely by Kiefer Sutherland), and finally, a group of mysterious shadowy creatures known only as “The Strangers”.

Though it was made in 1998, the special effects are still admirable, and Proyas uses light and effects brilliantly to create the atmosphere of the dark city, black and bleak. There are admirable performances all around, a fascinating and very interesting plot, many memorable characters, and the satisfying action scenes and ending.

Not much else to say, an entertaining film definitely, and it’s easy to find it rather cheap on DVD.

Also, Sutherland plays the Doctor just brilliantly and atmospherically. I suppose his way of reading lines may get on some people’s nerves and seem gimmicky, but I just loved it.
He constantly has to take a breath between words, as if barely squeezing out his cryptic and important messages. Like: “This *breath* is the *breath* worst *breath* role *breath* I have *breath* ever *breath* performed.”
Heh, it’s really quite well-delivered and makes for a memorable character among a lot of other memorable characters and performances.

Frankly, I only gave it an 80 though. It’s a great film and all, but I don’t think it deserves a higher rating. It’s a film I recommend just snatching up on DVD for a quick and awesome rent, especially if you’re a fan of action, noir, sci-fi or Proyas’s other films such as The Crow.

Dark City (New Line Platinum Series)

-Review by Sanbud Tehrani

By Sanbud