Score: Technical: 5, Acting: 10, Story: 10, Overall Score: 8.3%

Get your popcorn, sit down on the sofa, get comfy and prepare to be
DISAPPOINTED. Not just a little disappointed, but a lot!

Honestly, don’t even waste your time, gas, or money going to rent this
film. And well if you have already rented or purchased it, then I pity you
and sorry about your luck.

Zombie Nation…What the….F….???? More like Zombie humiliation!

Seriously, no joke. These people cannot be serious with this film. Low
budget..yes. (Now I love low budget films, and even act in and make them
with my husband), But come on people! the lighting (that is not supposed to
be seen on camera) shows up in several shots. The hideous police station
set up takes place in a warehouse (and yes, you can hear the echo in the
The acting…..terrible. It’s well below “don’t quit your day job quality”
and so much worse.

I will stop there on critizing the actors, because it’s not their fault
that they were cast in a piece of garbage reject film.

Make up/ special fx….Oh my God…should I even go there?
YES I should and will.
Let’s just put it this way, our 7 year old son did a better job on his
Halloween make up 9that he decided to get into and do himself while I was
getting costumes ready), then the make up fx in this film. A mans tongue
gets ripped out by some ghetto zombie chic and I swear it looks like they
used a piece of beef jerky for the tongue.
NOT convincing me that it’s a tongue…NO WAY!

I really hate to be brutal and put down other film makers. I feel the least
I can do is warn people. Do the film world a favor by warning people before
they spend their hard earned money on this movie. I mean hell, If i had
$3.00 to my name to be used only to rent a movie, and i rented Zombie
Nation with it….I’d kill myself.

Believe me, after watching this you will want to drive back to the video
store and kick their ass for renting out this piece of garbage to their

I unfortunately was one of those unlucky ones that fell in to the trap,
and now i’m scarred for life. I want my damn $3.00 back!

Ulli Lommel should have left Zombie Nation with his film “the Boogyman”,
where they both belong….in the closet!

Review by: Stacey R Griffith
Endless Dark Productions