Directed By: John Stockwell

Written By: Michael Ross

Score: Technical: 50, Acting: 55, Story: 60, Overall Score: 55%

            A group of young backpackers’ vacation turns sour when a bus accident leaves them marooned in a remote Brazilian jungle that holds a horrible secret, one that will leave the tourists going to pieces.  Deep in the jungle of Brazil a crazed doctor is harvesting organs of travelers who grace his small little village, will anyone make it out of this horrific ordeal and if they do will they be able to make it out with their organs intact.

The filming on this movie wasn’t done that great. Sure the story line was ok, that is if you haven’t seen Hostel, but it lacked in a major way.  The scenes were very dark and at some points hard to make out what was going on, I understand that it was supposed to add to the realism of the whole thing but it kind of screwed up the feel for me a bit.  The director did an ok job with it though.  Over all it wasn’t a crappy movie.

This is why this movie only receives One Skipped Beat on the Roger Moore movie scale.  For anyone who is looking for a little bit more tamed version of Hostel this is the perfect film for you for the rest of us just stick to the good stuff.  Even with my ranting I will say that I did enjoy it given it was the double feature that made it worth the watch but I was happy when it ended.  I would recommend it for a one-time rental only and to someone with a weak stomach other than that don’t waste your time on it.  And that is about all I have to say on the subject as always be afraid be very afraid.