Have you ever done something that you had deep regrets of doing, but your realization of your actions was too late…the damage was already done? Ever wished you could turn back the hands of time? Wished you could go back and undo the damage and hell you have caused…Take back the pain, the suffering, the nightmare that forever changed peoples lives, including your own….

Joe McGuire (Steve Pyatte) wishes all of that and more. After spending 5 years in prison for taking the lives of four innocent people while driving drunk, Joe recollects the tragic event that put him behind bars.

Five years prior) Joe made the irresponsible, selfish decision to get behind the wheel of a car while drunk. That very same poor decision was also the cause of a tragic car accident that claimed the lives of those four innocent people that same night. Including his wife Maddy (Jamie Wehrheim-Johnson), who had been arguing with him at the time of the accident, over the issue of his drinking, and the negative impact it was having on his employment, their finances and their marriage. Due to Joe’s actions that dreadful night, his life, as well as the families of those perished would be forever changed.

Not only had Joe’s poor judgment that night resulted in his wife’s death but also was the cause of the Warner family’s death. A father Samuel Warner (Don Becker), Samuel’s wife Kelly (Jan Moore) and their twelve year old daughter Sarah (Gemma Gould-Dougherty).

Joe is forced to relive the nightmare over and over again in his mind.

While visiting the roadside monument of crosses where the four lives where taken five years prior, Joe has an encounter with an unknown man. a voice of reason? Perhaps…

Who is this man? Why is he questioning Joe’s intentions, his feelings, his regrets?

Soon after, while kneeling in front of the crosses and reading the names, Joe comes to the realization that the man he had just had the encounter with was the ghost of one of the four victims who’s live was cut short as a result of his drinking and driving. The man is Samuel Warner (Don Becker). Samuel has appeared along with the others to deliver a message to Joe. Will he finally see the air of his ways? Is he truly sorry for the pain he has caused? Ultimately this is a lesson learned for Joe McGuire. As much as he wishes that he could go back and change the past, he knows that he cannot and that in and of itself is a nightmare for him.

This film addresses an issue that affects millions of lives each and every year. The issue of DRINKING AND DRIVING. Proving a fact that sometimes when one makes poor choices in life, they in turn pay consequences and repercussions of those poor choices. CROSSROADS delivers the sobering truth as to what can occur when one decides to drink and drive. A powerful short film with a very strong, personal message to get across. The message of the dangers of drinking and driving delivered in a different way and made a reality on film.

During the making of Crossroads a cast member was faced with the tragedy, pain, and heartache of a loved one being killed in a drunk driving accident. The cast, crew, and everyone involved in this project have put their heart and souls into this film to help educate others and make them aware of the dangers of drinking and driving. To ultimately help save lives and assure that Elizabeth Nichole Wehrheim’s death was not in vain. That in and of itself is a sobering reality that would make anyone think twice about drinking and driving.

Dedicated to the memory of Elizabeth Nichole Wehrheim, killed in a drunk driving accident during the making of this film. Also in memory of Ronald Wycoff who was hit by a drunk driver on July 17th, 1961, and died August 2 1961 as a result of the injuries sustained.

Driving under the influence KILLS!!! Do NOT risk taking the lives of innocent people because you are too stubborn to call a cab!

FRANKENSTEIN 1931 FILMS in association with RISK PRODUCTIONS Casting by STEVE PYATTE and DON BECKER music by VURGIL FRANKLIN and KRIS McKENZIE film edited by DANIEL RISK & STEVE PYATTE Director of photography DANIEL RISK Executive producer STEVE PYATTE Directed by STEVE PYATTE original screenplay by MICHAEL GARCIA screenplay adaptation by STEVE PYATTE


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