In a recent interview on Metal Sludge, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider says that there just might be a sequel to Strangeland in the works. Dee explains, “The U.S. government seized the property and arrested the CFO of The Shooting Gallery, the production company who made the first ‘Strangeland.’ So I was in court fighting to get my property back for 5 fucking years! I did finally get it back this past year and now Lions Gate Entertainment says that they’d like to pick it up.” According to Dee, Lionsgate will re-release the original Strangeland in July 2007 with some added footage. The final scene will be a teaser to the sequel. “After it fades to black, it will now fade up on an autopsy. That will be the opening scene for the sequel, which will be called Strangeland: Disciple,” says Dee.

Keep your eyes on Toxic Shock TV for the latest news on Srangeland 2.


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