Excellence On Demand Films is set to begin production on Wittenberg, a psychological horror film written by Jill Gatsby, daughter of acclaimed Writer/Director Larry Cohen (It’s Alive, Captivity). Producers P. David Miller and Tami Ann Bishop have signed veteran actor and genre favourite Sid Haig (Spider Baby, The Devil’s Rejects) to direct, marking Haig’s long-awaited first time in the Director’s chair. Haig says, “I can’t wait to get started on this film. The psychological aspects are truly horrific and twisted. I like it! I have been waiting for an opportunity to direct a film for a very long time and I could not have found a better first project to show my skills. I have directed over 40 plays, commercials for television, a music video and a couple of documentaries, but now’s my time to explore the realm of feature film. I’ve got my safari hat on, and I am ready to rock.”

Principal photography is slated to begin in May, with talent such as Nicole Travolta (One Tree Hill), William Smith (Any Which Way You Can, Maniac Cop), Steve “Uncle Creepy” Barton (Hollywood She-Wolf), Ezra Buzzing ton (The Hills Have Eyes, Ghost World), Joe Knetter (Job, Doomed to Consume), Oscar Dillon (Batman Forever, Idlewild) and Haig himself as Doctor Dorian, spinning this tale of ambition, secrets and nightmares for the camera. Joining them will be over 20 more actors and actresses, including additional renowned genre faces as well as some talented new ones. A larger listing of this incredible cast will be released to the public in April.

A young, hot-shot producer wants to make a groundbreaking new reality series – if sane people are taken to an asylum and treated like the insane, would they actually become insane for real? He and his crew of graduate film students are voluntarily drugged unconscious and driven to a snowbound asylum named Wittenberg. They don’t know where they are, and neither does anyone else – a dangerous step, but good for publicity. They’ve come before the contestants to set up for their show, but will they become the contestants in something much deadlier once they’re in the hands – and mind – of the sinister Doctor Dorian? The answer lies within the walls of Wittenberg.


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  1. Too bad for Mr Haig and the Wittenberg Project…. Tami Ann Bishop, one of the producers is a fraud, she has not produced anything in over 7 years and ripped off her partners

    1. Not sure why anyone would make statements about Ms Bishop that are far from the truth. Having worked with this woman on numerous occasions she has been an asset to our productions many times over.I would strongly suggest to you (The Crew) that you get your facts in order as it seems you are the fraud who has been stalking Ms. Bishop and in fact the individual who has been posting your bogus claims all over the Web the last few months. Fortunately its seems apparent for Ms Bishop she has folks that know her credibility. Who you are on the other hand is a mystery

      1. I make these statements because they are the “TRUTH” I was affected by her lies and she will see her time in jail. I on the other hand would love to know the productions you speak of, because in the 7 years I have known her, she hasn't produced one thing, not one. I can prove everything I say, EVERYTHING… can you?? Show me her credits on any of your projects, other wise, don't waste your time on this, she's not worth it. She is simply a fraud. Ask her why she changes her pay as you go cell phone number, her name, I paid for her phone for 6 years cause she didn't have a dime to her name. Yea, she's a real pro all right!!! She makes everyone think she is living the high life, I can tell you for a fact she has nothing, and she will have to justify what she did to me to a judge. Feel free to contact me anytime dlking@earthlink.net …. I'll give you the truth about Ms. Bishop

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