Director: Glen Morgan

Writer: Glen Morgan

Roy Moore (1974 screenplay)

Score: Technical: 70, Acting: 70, Story: 10, Overall Score: 50%

Alpha Delta Kappa members get snowed into their sorority house on Christmas Eve, and an unknown killer begins knocking them off one at a time. All the while plaguing them with terrifying phone calls, made from the cell phones of the missing girls.

A ‘remake’ of the original 1974 film, Black Christmas was filmed in Canada over the course of a month. The film is very different from the original, and because of this has received an overall unwelcoming reception. Suffice to say, if the movie had have been given a different title it still would have been roughly received.

The major problem with the movie was the story. Glen Morgan moved far away from the original script, and onto unsteady ground. Had this script been well written, as the original was, then the cast and crew would have been able to make it a notable accomplishment, instead of instant debacle.

The use of a Christmas theme blended together with horror is twisted. The music and lights create an atmosphere that is cozy and becomes easily shocking.

Although, at some points in the movie it would seem the holiday is actually Halloween and not Christmas at all. Especially when the movie jumps to the past, filling us in on the story of Billy Lenz. Exhibiting the sorority house from the present, as the nightmarish place it was fifteen years ago, when Billy spent his Christmas’s there.

The script does lack in the originality and plausibility categories. Featuring killers that just keeping getting up, this movie is a good choice for any fan of movies like Halloween, or Friday the Thirteenth. Assuming you really enjoyed those, you maybe able to stomach this one.

By nmartin