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Severance- Movie Review


Severance- Movie Review

Directed By: Christopher Smith

Written By: Jimmy Moran

Score: Technical: 60, Acting: 80, Story: 90, Overall Score: 77

When a group of co-workers head out on a weekend road trip intended to develop ‘teamwork’, they discover the road to their destination blocked by a fallen tree. Unwilling to let a tree get in their way, they suggest to the bus driver that he travel down a nearby dirt road. The driver becomes angry and refuses to take them, not wanting to have the trip canceled so abruptly, the Boss orders everyone off the bus, and they begin to walk, hoping that the place they seek is just around the corner.

Shortly after, they find a desolate looking building deep in the woods. Believing to have found the right place, they shack up in the abandoned lodging house, and find that it comes complete with all the fixings of a tidy comedy-horror.

Although the tension is fairly strong throughout, it is constantly down staged by an onslaught of British wit. Comparable to the style found in Shaun of the Dead. However, Severance definitely is more horrific. As the movie draws to its end it becomes considerably violent, but a lot of the unpleasant stuff is left off camera, and the witty humor continuously competes with it.

The gruesome parts go nowhere near those found in films such as Slither, or Hostel. The humor is appealing, and both remain consistent for the duration. This movie will have you covering your face in fear, while laughing out loud.

Review by: Nicholas Martin


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