Directed By: Ellory Elkayem

Written By: William Butler, Aaron Strongoni

Score: Technical: 20, Acting: 25, Story: 15, Overall Score: 20%

Made at the same time, on the same location, and with the same actors as the movie Return of The Living Dead: Necropolis, this movie takes the same characters and pits them in a sort of alternate reality, as the events in the first movie are never referenced in this film.

This time around Julian stumbles upon an unopened canister of Trioxyin-5.

He takes the canister to his friend Cody, and they run a few chemical tests on the contents. Cody realizes that the contents have the potential to be brewed into a designer drug, which he thinks will make them rich.

He lies to Julian, and conceals the fact that he has begun to sell the contents of the Trioxyin-5 canister, in a gel cap form around campus, as a designer drug called ‘Z’. The drug gains popularity, and eventually the negative effects of the drug become well noted as the student body becomes infected with a drug-induced zombie frenzy.The script was poorly written, and was well deserving of a complete rewrite, prior to the filming. Often jokes are so over used, and stupid that the audience is left scratching their heads wondering if they were supposed to laugh.

The acting isn’t very good, but poor audio, and boring dialogue fail to captivate the audience, and ultimately makes mediocre actors seem far worse.

The special effects are poorly done, and lack the magic of films with bigger budgets. Wow how’d they do that? Becomes: I could have filmed that better with a digital camera, a garbage bag, and a bottle of corn syrup. The special effects leave the fans wondering if the budget for this film was perhaps blown on the making of the other film, Necropolis.

The make-up was actually the only thing in the movie that deserves any positive note.
The Zombie faces looked okay, and in some cases were frightening.

This film was terrible. It seemed as though the creators gave no thought to what they were doing, and honestly didn’t care. If you managed to watch the entire movie, and thought it was an okay B-film, then go see Necropolis, if you haven’t already.

Review by: Nicholas Martin


By nmartin